ZF-5 Manual Transmission Flywheel + Clutch

Addressing the transmission and failed starter motor. Replaced starter which broke at the starter gear housing, and while the ZF-5 transmission and drivelines were removed from the truck, went ahead and had the following parts replaced for $1000 in labor: flywheel,

  • engine rear main seal (Ford p/n F4TZ-6701-A)
  • pressure plate,
  • clutch,
  • shift fork (Ford p/n E7TZ-7515-A),
  • clutch fork pivot bolt (Ford p/n E7TZ-7B602-A discontinued),
  • Throw-out bearing.

Convenient time to replace turbo up-pipes, and address any exhaust manifold repairs such as broken studs. There’s a 3″ Diamond Eye down-pipe

Solid model file for shift fork ball pivot (discontinued ZF part). LINK

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