COVID-19 and Trip Reset

Been sheltered in place in Santa Clara County, California, USA, to date a total of 14 weeks; family continues to be well and safe, lots of victory gardening in our edibles plot, and grinding away at projects that didn’t get purged before the Grand Canyon.

Casa de Lance has been sold, as has Mirthmaker the sailboat, the Jeep is under the knife, the F350 XLT truck is getting prepped for sale, and am undergoing yet another purge and trip reset to adapt to COVID-19 uncertainty.

Recently found myself bamboozled after allowing lust and expectations to wander, then quickly ejected with a pang of jealousy for the first time ever. It’s really done a lot to fire up motivation and get hyper-focused on certain priorities, in particular to keep moving along.

As the ‘ol adage rings true, most problems can be solved with a very long bike ride. Thus, as part of the trip reset am pivoting to venture out again with a rather ultralight modus operandi: motorbike. At the moment there appear to be 2 scenarios: first is to ride originating from within and only the domestic US (due to land border closures) on perhaps a cruiser or street bike, otherwise second, if able to try for the southern hemisphere eclipse, would likely fly to Chile before the end of 2020 and acquire a bike there for the return trip adventure.

Have a look at this montage below and feel inspired:

Learned an African proverb to keep in mind: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Inspiration on the web:

Be well, friends. -Manolo

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Learning by adventure.. will curiosity kill the cat ?

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