OBS F350 7.3L SCLB 4×4 on White Rim Trail, Canyonlands NP Utah

Dropped into Canyonlands NP on a 2-day permit. Original plan was to enter from Mineral Bottom Road on arrival Day 1, explore that corner of the park on Day 2, then come out the same way.

Instead, would run the entire White Rim Trail in the anticlockwise direction, overcoming a trail breakdown with a clever self recovery, and connecting via Potash Road back to Moab in the dark.

From Island in the Sky visitor center, after picking up permits and topping off drinking water, exited the park and headed north back to Horsethief Road turnout.

Ran the dirt road (BLM129) which crosses Mineral Canyon Road and then reaches the top of the switchbacks, and descend to the banks of the Green River at Horsethief Bottom.

Top of the switchbacks

This section of trail is wide enough to be mostly doubletrack with turnouts for 2 way traffic.

White Rim Trail is a loop that follows the northern edges of the Green and Colorado Rivers, where they meet in the middle of the park. It’s in the Island in the Sky section of the park, where Needles is to the east, the Maze to the west, and lastly the rivers themselves.

Day 1

From top of the switchbacks

Entered Canyonlands again after continuing past Mineral Bottom Road onto federal land, where it turns into the White Rim Trail and begins to trace the Green River.

The sun at this point is about 4 fingers above the horizon, which at river bank level, the horizon becomes the tops of the canyon walls.

The search also begins for a boondocking campsite outside of the park, starting from the bottom of the switchbacks to the upcoming park entrance.

Entering Canyonlands on the rim trail at only late afternoon, drove into a squeeze section along the Green River just inside of the park. Very narrow, barely enough width for my rig alone between rock cliff and falling into the river. 

Hustled back over the squeeze section as to minimize chance of getting caught along with another vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

Made camp at a site with lots of bikepacker tire tracks about. Would come across several groups pedaling the trail with a chase rig.

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