Broken down on White Rim Trail | Buckled steering tie rod on Ford hp balljoint Dana 60 axle

Making good time on an anticlockwise loop of White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

Then, on a trail squeeze section buckled a brand new tie rod on the Dana 60 with all new inverted-Y steering components.

15:00 broken down steering, truck is undriveable through switchbacks.

With a buckled tierod, the wheels can be turned in one direction but not the other.

Steering looks like it is smiling. The tie rod connects the pitman arm to the axle.

No pickle fork in the onboard tool bag. Only basic hand tools.


  1. Start by removing the tie rod in order to straighten it out.
  2. Insert key in ignition and unlock steering column.
  3. Loosen the adjusting collar pinch bolts in order to turn the sleeve all the way out.
  4. Droop the tie rod; undo the cotter pin and castle nut of the connecting ball joint.
  5. Hammer strike the tie rod from behind the rod and not the ball joint (which damages threads).

Anneal the tie rod before bending it straight by using propane camp stove heat.

Use ratchet straps hooked over the ball joint and looped around the tire, to pry straight against the front bumper.

Straighten as much as possible; if possible, sleeve rod with a break bar tube or Hi-Lift jack handle.

Use box end wrench leverage on ball joint taper, not threads.

17:10 Truck is ready to roll again

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Learning by adventure.. will curiosity kill the cat ?

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