Refreshing 2nd gen Dodge 4×4 steering and suspension trackbar

The inverted-y steering and front end of the 2nd gen Dodge 4×4 truck, tasked with suspending the heavy duty Cummins motor, needed a major refreshing. Even with a solid front Dana 60 axle and stock ride height, the tie rod ends and trackbar in the suspension were clearly tired.

Took the opportunity to replace all the steering and drag link, tie rod ends, and trackbar with greaseable Moog units. The factory trackbar design on the 2nd gen is an upper tie rod end to a bracket on the driver’s side frame rail, and a lower bushing end bolted to the axle. Worn or loose trackbars are notorious for causing steering death wobble.

In addition to refreshing the steering, also added a steering box brace by BD Diesel, which spans the frame rails and captures the steering box sector shaft in double shear with a pillow block bearing. The brace bolts to the frame under the factory sway bar mounts, so went ahead and replaced the oil and diesel soaked bushings with new Moog rubber. Lastly, wrapped up with a laser alignment to set toe angle.

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