Manolo al Sol, an overland adventure to the mid-Dec 2020 eclipse centerline over Patagonia.

While on playa at the 2019 Burn, serving cocktails with ice from behind our theme camp bar to some friendly hazel green-eye Argentinian ladies, learned of the upcoming southern hemisphere solar eclipse. They had been eye-witnesses to the Oregon 2017 solar eclipse (Aug 21, 2017) up in the Pacific Northwest, and the way they described the climax of the celestial event, followed by coming down to the Nevada high desert for the Burn later that month, sent a resonating shiver down my spine!

It was total irony discovering all this at Burning Man, a completely made-made experience, that the next total solar eclipse would occur over Patagonia from Dec 10-16, 2020. Upon an invitation to their home country, it was now a matter of setting a trip heading and securing event tickets to the gatherings across Chile and Argentina.

Come along and let’s embark on another travel project. And how fitting a theme: my motto is #RiseAndGrind, for I’m certainly no morning person nor genius. Just a classic size medium with a burning desire to learn by adventure.

-Manolo | August 2019

Burning Man 2019 420&I
Burning Man 2019 4:20&I

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