7.3L Powerstroke Oil Cooler Replacement – Engine oil leaking at cold start

After a month of winter traveling at high elevation in Utah, the truck developed a nasty oil leak at cold starts. The symptom would go away after the truck reached operating temperature, yet would continue to weep oil after shutting down for the night and cooling off. The 7.3L Powerstroke’s oil cooler, a heat exchangerContinue reading “7.3L Powerstroke Oil Cooler Replacement – Engine oil leaking at cold start”

Broken down on White Rim Trail with a buckled Dana 60 crossover steering tie rod

Buckled a brand new Moog tie rod while over halfway through the legendary 100+ miles of White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Ball joint Dana 60 with all new Moog inverted-Y steering components. 15:00 broken down steering, truck is undriveable through switchbacks. Need to stay cool as a cucumber to think this one through,Continue reading “Broken down on White Rim Trail with a buckled Dana 60 crossover steering tie rod”

Tribute to the 2020 Burning Man void

In years prior at precisely this time, would be on the road to Burning Man. It is being held in spirit and in the digital realm this year because of COVID-19. There are still several ways to participate: Black Rock City Virtual Reality (BCRvr): http://www.brcvr.org/ and their Facebook page. Tribute from the 2018 Burn fromContinue reading “Tribute to the 2020 Burning Man void”

KTM 530 EXC supermoto build for the twisties

Brilliant. Take a plated dirt bike, swap in some street wheels & tires, and now the 530 EXC chassis is transformed into an entirely different machine. The build deserves its own introduction, derived from the bike’s Adventure Build for TAT. It starts with a 17″ wheelset in order to run modern tubeless street tires. InContinue reading “KTM 530 EXC supermoto build for the twisties”

TAT route planning and building truck basecamp

Trans-America Trail route planning through northern Utah and central Idaho. Travel project has evolved into a domestic focus by building out the truck into a basecamp and minimalist camper (lessons learned from taking a hardsided camper 3 months through Baja Mexico), in order to carry the motorcycle, mountain bike, and whitewater kayak. A lot already,Continue reading “TAT route planning and building truck basecamp”

KTM 530 EXC adventure build for TAT

So it begins.. added to the fleet, a 2008 KTM 530 EXC-R plated California dirtbike. Taken delivery with relatively low hours & miles (180 hours; 3850 miles | 6200km) on the XC4 motor, she appears to have solid potential from the initial baseline of mechanicals and fluids, and enough initial issues to facilitate getting rapidlyContinue reading “KTM 530 EXC adventure build for TAT”

For Sale: Fuel Meister II Dual Biodiesel Processor

If you’ve ever wanted to make B100 biodiesel at home (using lye and methanol to react with FFA to drop out glycerine) and help save the world, am selling a used Fuel Meister II Dual tank biodiesel reactor. Made in USA | $1000 USD | contact manoloalsol2020@gmail.com Complete system along with WVO and methanol andContinue reading “For Sale: Fuel Meister II Dual Biodiesel Processor”

PSA: Wear double eye protection!

Public service announcement: wear double eye protection when grinding metal! Been cutting, welding, and grinding away at a steel lumber rack for the truck in these hot summer days, and had a flaming spark of debris bounce off my cheek behind wrap-around sunglasses, and lodged into my left eye cornea. Despite a PPE suite ofContinue reading “PSA: Wear double eye protection!”