7.3L Powerstroke diesel – Rapid cold start reliability

Cold starts taking longer, requiring several glow plug cycles, and also first notice of an oil leak originating from the oil cooler in the mornings. In this video, am running Motorcraft 15W-40 synthetic oil (https://amzn.to/39hTMX8) along with factory glow plug relay and plugs, valve cover harnesses, and a remanufactured alternator. Batteries are Optima red topsContinue reading “7.3L Powerstroke diesel – Rapid cold start reliability”

OBS F350 front leaf spring | Reverse Shackle Kit (RSK)

Installing Sky’s Off-road front RSK kit, while reusing factory front leaf springs. RSK for reverse shackle kit, moves the shackle from the original front hanger position, to the rear of the leaf spring. The kit includes a new crossmember that ties the frame to the new front spring hangers. It mounts uses existing frame holesContinue reading “OBS F350 front leaf spring | Reverse Shackle Kit (RSK)”