For Sale: Fuel Meister II Dual Biodiesel Processor

If you’ve ever wanted to make B100 biodiesel at home (using lye and methanol to react with FFA to drop out glycerine) and help save the world, am selling a used Fuel Meister II Dual tank biodiesel reactor.

Made in USA | $1000 USD | contact

Complete system along with WVO and methanol and lye to begin making B100 biodiesel – including full suite of instructions and CD-ROM, oil pump, a barrel of methanol, bricks of lye (NaOH sodium hydroxide), titration kits and methoxide chart, precision scale, liquid volume measuring tools, a barrel of filtered WVO that has been settling for months, and over a dozen settled cubies of WVO all from the same restaurant.


Acquired this entire Fuel Mesiter II Dual with second expansion tank, from a truck driver that made biodiesel at home for his big rig. I took delivery of everything related to the system, including all tools and raw materials, added more accessories for pre-filtering WVO, but had to put the system in storage before i could process a batch.

Located in San Jose, California. The conical reactors are lightweight and just bulky, but the barrel of methanol and the barrel of settled WVO are heavy. Team lift into the back of a pickup, or we’ll load with ramps. $1000 USD | contact

In particular interesting for VW TDI owners, because the factory fuel systems in these vehicles are already B100 compatible.

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